Sara Mednick | The Power of Napping

┬áKelly chats with Dr. Sara Mednick, a research scientist at the prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, and the author of Take A Nap! Sara believes that we can change our lives by taking a nap during the day. Not only can we be more alert, but we can become smarter, healthier and more productive. We can lower the risk of having a heart attack, as well as reduce our weight and improve our memory. Sara’s research has shown that after a nap people perform better on cognitive tests, and they can work longer hours.

During the podcast, Sara explains that we can nap to achieve specific outcomes. For example, short naps of 20 minutes will improve motor skills. A nap of an hour clears your mind and improves your memory, and a 90-minute nap improves your creativity. If you’re sure that you could never find time for a nap in your day, Sara confirms that napping takes practice, and tells you how to set the stage for a good nap.

Who should nap? Everyone, especially if you’re working hard or are studying for exams. Kelly and Sara discuss naps to potentiate memory, which is vital information for students. At the end of the podcast, you may well decide that napping will become an essential part of your life.


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