Transformation & The Recallibration of Consciousness

An effective way to recalibrate your consciousness to higher frequencies is to take time to resonate with your higher self. Bonding with your higher-self raises your vibration. This approach to raising your vibration is very different than the more common methods of directing your mind to think positive thoughts or generating feel good emotions. Those methods are useful, but they are more mundane and linear than the act of merging and bonding with your higher-self.

You are a multidimensional being with access to far more knowledge than your conscious mind allows. When you open up to receive and listen for the broadcasts from your higher self, you open up to new wavelengths, new and original ideas, new frequencies of consciousness that deliver pure thought from the higher planes of consciousness right into your conscious mind. These “frequencies” overtime recalibrate your consciousness, so that you perceive and experience the world from a more expanded viewpoint. Creativity explodes, synchronicity expands and the ease with which you live your life  becomes grace-filled.  The higher the calibrated level of your consciousness, the easier it is to manifest anything in the material plane.

Higher planes of consciousness are accessed through gateway brain states of Alpha, Theta and Delta. To bond or merge with your higher self, you must be open and receptive. Your mind needs to be quiet and calm, like still waters. This is a deep trance like state of meditation. Let yourself move into calm pools of serenity. Invite the energies of your higher self to blend and harmonize with you. Open up to merge and bond with your ideal self.