Manifestation & The Spring Equinox

I invite you to take the old adage “In like a lion, out like a lamb” to heart this month and focus upon transforming tumult into harmony and balance. At times our inner state can resemble a lion – wild and ferocious, a mighty predator of mindfulness that leaves our lives unsettled. Sometimes this powerful, catlike state can be beneficial and empowering; however, there are times when we need to calm and center ourselves.

As winter wanes and the days lengthen, now is a metaphorically opportune time to calm our state into grace and gentleness – to balance our mind-lion with a more innocent and forgiving lamb-like presence.

As we say farewell to winter and express gratitude for its gift of introversion and contemplation, optimism about the warm and abundant seasons is in front of us. Now is an ideal time to make use of the energies of the upcoming Spring Equinox.

March 20 is a day of symbolic and literal transformation that has long been honored and ritualized. The new year actually starts on the Spring Equinox when the Sun goes into Aries. The whole Zodiac cycle begins at that point and, for three months, it’s the perfect time to start new projects and create new intentions.

A few years ago, my guest on my “Theatre of the Mind” podcast was Barbara Hand Clow, a Mayan elder, Cherokee record keeper, and ceremonial teacher. She and I discussed how to use the powerful energies of the Spring Equinox in manifestation practices.

The first steps you can take in this process are:

  • Start thinking about what you want to create in 2016 and into 2017
  • Within the next few days, write down three things that you’d like to manifest
  • Once you have a really strong sense of those three things, meditate. Create time to be still, and maintain awareness of your breath.
  • Use the next several days to sit in stillness often. Now is the time to harness the energy of abundance that is prevalent this time of year
  • From now until the Equinox in a few weeks, take time to deepen your understanding of what you want to create


Now is the time to become re-energized and welcome burgeoning ideas that have been germinating over the long winter. As seeds begin to sprout and Mother Nature wakens from her wintertime slumber, notice the new life that surrounds you and is, perhaps, ready to sprout within you.

To new and wonderful things on the horizon!


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