Robert Fritz | Learn the Art and Science of Manifestation

 Robert Fritz has developed one of the most powerful and practical systems for applying the mechanics of creating anything you want: a work of art, a relationship, a career or a better life.

Robert is the creator of the DMA course for manifestation you’ve all been asking me about. I took his course in the early 1980’s, and to this day, still use his techniques because they work.

I urge you to check out his audio book “Creating”. This innovative and original work is not a re-hash of anything you’ve read before. It is a must-listen-to if you are working at bringing an important vision or dream into reality.

Robert is a composer artist, filmmaker, writer and entrepreneur. He is the author of the international bestseller, The Path of Least Resistance, Your life as Art, Creating and Corporate Tides.

His work is based on the premise that by nature and instinct people are creators. Yet, while we all wish to give birth to our ideas and aspirations, we don’t always have the means to bring our dreams into reality. Because we’ve never been trained to create, misconceptions prevent us from accomplishing what truly matters.


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  • Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire
  • Increase your attracting force
  • Gain clarity of intention
  • Accelerate manifestation
  • Generate states of joy and well-being